CHOA Parade

CHOA Parade Map

General Info
Our arrival time is 8:45. Parade step off will be 10:20. All of the groups have staggered arrival times which will assist in a smooth arrival process.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Parade (12/2)
6:45 – Call Time at Collins Hill
7:10 – Inspection & Load Busses
7:15 – Leave Collins Hill High School
8:15 – Arrive Downtown, Unload Equipment, Move to Lineup
8:45 – Arrive In Parade Lineup
10:20 – Parade Step-Off
~ 1:00 – Estimated Arrive Time Back At Collins Hill


– Show Shirt
– Marching Shoes
– Instrument
– NO Sunglasses
– NO Cell Phones during Performances

Parade Route:
The route stretches one mile along Peachtree St. between 15th and 5th Streets.  The TV performance zone stretches for a city block between 12th and 11th Streets which is four blocks into the parade. Plan on playing the entire length of the TV Zone as the cameras can pick you up from anywhere along this area. Plan to go into an immediate roll-off at the end of the tune to play again in the TV Zone since it’s likely you’ll need to play it more than once. TV directors don’t consider drum cadences to be “playing music” and will move onto the next unit.  The parade may pause a bit before reaching the TV Zone but it’s important to stay @40 ft behind
the group in front of you until you reach the TV Zone.

There are two medians in the first two blocks of the parade.  Bands must split these having half the band on one side and half on the other while continuing forward motion.

We have a policy of limiting the number of chaperones and staff marching with the band to six. If you do have parents as part of the six please have them dressed uniformly and professionally either spread out with the band or on the back left of the band