Private Lessons

What Are Private Lessons?

A private lesson is a chance for your student to have a weekly session one-on-one with an instructor that specializes in your student’s instrument.

Why should my student take Private Lesson?

While the band directors are certainly able to provide great instruction during class time, it can be hard to give students individual attention in a class of over 60 students. A private teacher can provide extremely detailed and individualized instructions to help your student improve his or her fundamental abilities including tone quality, technique, reading ability, and more. A recent survey found that nearly 80% of All-State level high school students study privately. Private lessons can minimize any frustration they may feel in class, as well as boost their confidence.  In addition, your student will learn how to practice.  Learning how to practice properly can set your student up for individual success by providing them with valuable life skills, such as time management skills, critical thinking skills, nonjudgmental self-assessment skills, and the application of self-discipline and thoughtfulness.  Most importantly, private lessons develop a life-long love of music that can benefit your student even after they’ve graduated high school.  You don’t have to major in music to benefit from or enjoy music in college!  Many colleges offer scholarships to non-music majors who participate in their performance ensembles or marching bands.  Some schools will even cover the cost of private lessons with their collegiate instructors.  Beyond college, there are countless community ensembles around the country that your student can participate in, wherever life may take them. put, it is the quickest and easiest way for your student to improve his or her musical abilities and distinguish themselves from their classmates.

You have convinced me that my student should take Private Lessons. Why shouldn’t I just go to the local music shop and take them there?

There is nothing wrong with taking lessons at a local music shop or from a local instructor that you have found. Indeed, if you are already doing so and are comfortable with your instructor, please continue! What we can provide to your student and to you is a level of convenience. Rather than having to drive somewhere after school, we can provide lessons to your students during their normal band class period! One day a week, your student would simply participate in a lesson rather than band class. Although we miss having your student in class we are very happy that he or she is working hard to get better at their instrument! There are two additional reasons to take lessons at Collins Hill. First, we can guarantee that the instructor coming into work with your student is a top-notch level musician and teacher. Second, because we are providing these instructors with multiple lessons in a single place and a single time-frame they are often willing to give a discounted “group” rate that you cannot find elsewhere.

What is the cost associated with private lessons?

Each instructor charges his or her own rates based on a number of factors including experience level, degrees earned, etc. The following prices may not be exact but should be good indicators of the financial commitment required for private lessons.

30 Minute Lesson: $32 per week
45 Minute Lesson: $42 per week
60 Minute Lesson: $52 per week

I want my student to take lessons, what do I do now?

GREAT NEWS! Once you and your family have decided to make the commitment to private lessons you should let Mr. Lumpkin or Mr. Daniels know either by e-mail or by having your student come and sign up in person. As soon as your family indicates that your student is interested, we will do our best to quickly place him or her with a top-notch instrumental instructor.

How do I register?

Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Lumpkin or Mr. Daniels with any questions or concerns you might have!