remindIf would you like to receive text/email alerts about important news and events for Collins Hill Bands, sign up for remind (Formerly called Remind101). These are quick and short messages (140 characters or less) and are in addition to our email blasts. This is a free communication system, however standard text/data rates may apply. Please follow the directions below.

To receive texts or emails from the groups below please just click on the link and provide your information. In some cases multiple groups may apply to you. These groups are RESET every summer and you will need to signup each year.

MARCHING BAND – Parents (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chbparent to (404) 620-6086)

MARCHING BAND – Students (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chbstudent to (404) 620-6086)

MARCHING BAND – Colorguard (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chguard to (404) 620-6086)

MARCHING BAND – Drumline (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chdrumline to (404) 620-6086)

JAZZ BAND (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chbjazz to (404) 620-6086)

BASKETBALL BAND (SIGN UP or TEXT to @chbbball to (404) 620-6086)